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All You Wanted To Know And More

How are sessions or courses delivered Online?

Online sessions or courses are delivered through the Zoom platform for live sessions or group meetings. Once you book a session or course, you will receive an email containing a Zoom link either at the time of booking or on the day of the session. For online courses, you will have access to a Course Portal on this website. Upon logging in, you will find all the necessary information, materials, and resources related to the course you have enrolled in. The Course Portal provides a convenient and organized platform for accessing the course content and engaging in the learning process.

Do you offer gift cards?

Yes, we do offer gift cards! Our gift cards are a perfect option for either treating someone else or treating yourself. You can use the gift cards for various purposes, including: Shopping: You can use the gift card to explore and purchase items from our collection, such as crystals, smudge sticks, essential oils, and more. Sessions: The gift card can also be applied towards booking a session with one of our practitioners. Whether it's a Reiki session, Kinesiology session, or any other modality we offer, the gift card can be used to cover the session fee. Online Courses: If you or the recipient of the gift card are interested in expanding your knowledge and personal growth, the gift card can be used to enrol in one of our online courses. These courses cover various topics and provide a valuable learning experience. Our gift cards are a versatile and thoughtful way to share the benefits of our offerings with others or to indulge in your own self-care journey.

Which payment methods do you accept?

At SouLuminous Natural Therapies, we offer various payment methods to ensure convenience for our clients. Here are the accepted payment methods: Credit/Debit Cards: We accept most major credit and debit cards for online payments. This includes Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. PayPal Pay in 4: We also provide the option of using PayPal Pay in 4, allowing you to split your payment into four equal instalments. This can be a convenient way to manage your payments. Afterpay: Another available payment option is Afterpay, which allows you to divide your total payment into four interest-free instalments. This way, you can enjoy our services or purchase products while spreading the cost over time. In-person payments can be made using cash or credit/debit cards. If you prefer to pay in cash, our practitioners will be able to assist you with that option during your in-person session. Please note that payment methods may vary depending on the specific services or products you are purchasing. We strive to offer a range of payment options to accommodate our clients' preferences and ensure a seamless payment experience.

To get the best out of your Online session

To optimize your online session experience with us, we recommend the following preparations: Find a Private and Quiet Space: Choose a location where you can have privacy and minimize distractions. This will allow you to focus fully on the session and create a peaceful environment. Create a Comfortable and Grounded Atmosphere: Gather any items that bring you a sense of safety, comfort, and grounding. This could include pillows, blankets, or objects with personal significance. Surrounding yourself with familiar and comforting items can enhance your relaxation and receptiveness during the session. Keep Essential Supplies Handy: It may be helpful to have a blanket or a box of tissues nearby in case you feel the need for extra warmth or emotional release.  Stay Hydrated: Have a glass of water nearby to keep yourself hydrated throughout the session.  Consider Using Ear or Headphones: Using earphones or headphones can help ensure clear hearing and maintain privacy during the session.. By following these suggestions, you can create an optimal environment for your online session, enabling you to fully engage and receive the maximum benefit from the experience.

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