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CRYSTAL HEARTS-sold separately

approx 3 cm



Hematite, White Howlite, Mookaite, Brecciated Jasper,  Dalmation jasper, Labradorite, Lepidolite, Picture jasper, Rhyolite


Hematite-38g, approx 3cm


Calming and nourishing for the body. Enhances optimism, will power and courage. Has a positive effect on bloodstream. Good for the mind, memory and for original thinking


White Howlite -22g, approx 3cm


Helps deepen sleep and assists in remembering dreams. Helps release pain, stress and anger. Soothes the heart and assists with memory


Mookaite -20g, approx 3cm


Promotes mental attunement, courage and optimism. It is balancing, grounding and energising. Encourages versatility and a deep calmness. Assists when trying new experiences


Agate-18g, approx2.5cm


Harmonizes Yin and Yang energies, to balance the opposing forces which hold all matter in place. It also brings great strength to the wearer or bearer, although one must accept that this stone works slowly over time.


Brecciated (red)Jasper


A crystal of physical energy, vitality and protection. The red empowers, uplifts and engulfs. It cures Apathy. It gets things done.


Dalmation Jasper
Puts a smile on your face. Calms and balances.
Promotes a playful attitude, Strengthens your resolve and Promotes self-awareness.




Helps find your spiritual purpose. Excellent for Meditation and Telepathic abilities. A mystical and protective stone that helps you connect to universal energies




Picture jasper




Small Hearts Collection

PriceFrom $10.00
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