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​Hello, I am Tracy, The owner and creator of this business.

I started my business over 15 years ago. I was first introduced to Reiki & The Australian Bush Flower Essences. I was a stay-at-home mum and my whole life revolved around my children but I had lost my connection to myself. Just like a lot of mums do!

The Universe brought into my awareness new people, places and healing aspects to awaken me to more in life. I have always been spiritual. Understanding from an early age that I was empathic, but like most empaths not understanding why I felt things that were not mine, why I could see & know things that most people did not & why I understood people in a different way. 

 With learning Reiki & Energy work, I felt right at home. Energy was my language; it was the way in which I perceived the universe around me and it sparked my interest in learning more about myself and who I am.

I was fascinated by why people acted how they did, and what had occurred for them to behave a certain way. Seeing & feeling their pain and wondering how I could help them in facilitating change for themselves.

 I studied Touch For Health (TFH) & Neuro-Linguistic Kinesiology (NLK) in 2010 and continued on Certificate IV and Diploma in Kinesiology in the years following. I expanded into Counselling Kinesiology (CK) and Counselling, completing a Diploma. Thus, including Kinesiology & Counselling to my knowledge base and making it accessible for clients. With my sessions combining these amazing modalities.

I am forever excited to learn new things and to expand on past passions,  so I continued my studies in Family Constellations (FC) and Meditation over the last few years and to Tapping  EFT-Emotional Freedom technique. With each complementary therapy,  I expand my knowledge for personal use and expand my offerings and understandings to clients. With this new website, I am again expanding into something new - an online presence. I am creating new online courses and programs at present and enjoying letting my creativity flow!

For current or past clients, I welcome you to continue the journey with me, as I re-assess, re-invent and re-introduce what I have to offer. For new clients, I look forward to you joining this part of the journey with me.


Blessings Tracy

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