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What our clients have to say.....

Image by Milan Popovic

Amanda - Researcher

I engaged Tracy for Kinesiology & Counselling at one of the toughest times my life. She has been an integral part of my healing journey - from literally not being able to take a step forward to being more aligned with myself and purpose than ever before. She has an extensive amount of knowledge, skills, and insights, which she generously shares to create magic in every session. Her ability to instill trust and safety with her clients makes her the quintessential healer. I cannot speak highly enough of Tracy,

I am forever grateful for all she has done for me. 

Veronica - Accountant

In my toughest emotional challenges, I know that I can find peace and insight from a session with Tracy. Since 2018 she’s guided me through many transitions and facilitated amazing spiritual growth. From counselling kinesiology, reiki, reiki attunements to our latest fun exploring family constellations I always find what I’m looking for and much more in our sessions. My 'Me time' sessions are a favorite for when I don't quite know what to book in for . A master healer and grounded light for many, Tracy is truly a blessing.


Virginia - Massage Therapist

Stone Balancing

I would recommend Tracy to anyone wanting a balance with Kinesiology, Counselling or Reiki as well as the Reiki Share Group. I've had years experiencing all of these with Tracy. I've felt I've had lots of support through the Reiki share group as well as having numerous balances with successful outcomes that has made a huge difference in helping me move forward in a more positive way in my life.

Brigitte  - Admin

I am extremely happy to recommend Tracy as I appreciate her outstanding service. I had to consult her many times and always got more than what I was expecting. She is amazing in taking care of all my needs,holding space to understand the personal traumas and using the most appropriate technique to overcome my physical, emotional or spiritual issues. She is very talented in getting to the core of the problem and her caring nature makes you very comforted. Her courses cover a lot of useful information and instructions, which are easy to follow. Tracy is a gem rarely found in today’s society and I am very blessed to have found her!

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Cathy - kinesiologist

Image by Yannic Läderach

I have known Tracy for over 10 years as a friend, mentor and fellow kinesiologist.

I have studied with her and had many a Reiki and Kinesiology session.

I find Tracy to be blessed with empathy, intuition and skills to be able to read a situation, connect the dots and shift what's necessary to inspire healing and change.

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