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 Programs & Courses

                                                                        SouLuminous Natural Therapies is now offering courses and programs.

                                         Online Guided self-study Programs and a combination of in-person & online programs.



Self-guided study

Explore aspects

of Meditation.

* 8 weeks

* Guided self-study

* start any time

Free eBook: Mindfulness Meditation for beginners


Reiki Degrees

Shoden-1st Degree

Okuden-2nd degree


Reiki Refresher course

A combination of online & face to face learning.

SOUL Programs

Soul mentoring

A 3 month intensive mentor program

Soul Connection

A 6-week, nurturing soul connection  program

Short Courses

Available now

Space clearing

21 day Reiki Connection

Journey with your Ancestors

21 day Chakra connection

Aspects of Gratitude

Nurture your well-being

Coming soon

Chakras Exploration

Inner child Journey


Access to the course content is online using either your PC or laptop or phone. Simply log in through the Souluminous Natural Therapies website or use  Spaces app by Wix on your phone. The app is free to download.


The space clearing course is very easy to navigate and a fantastic resource. If you are new to energy clearing, you will find everything you need to know in the one place. If you are already familiar with space-clearing concepts, I found this course broadened my knowledge, giving me new skills and insights, particularly around intention. Highly recommended. Amanda.

I did Tracy’s 21-day Reiki Connection program at a time when I really needed to connect within.  It showed me steps of how to develop a routine in a way that was self-nurturing as well as looking within to release old un-serving parts and how to develop new parts of my psyche. I am continuing to develop these practices. I am so very grateful. Thank you, Mandi.

I am extremely happy to recommend Tracy, as I appreciate her outstanding service. Her courses with the Chakras cover a lot of useful information and instructions, which are easy to follow. Tracy is a gem rarely found in today’s society and I am very blessed to have found her! Brigette.

Completing the Journey with your Ancestors program was a most revealing and rewarding experience. I discovered more about myself and my family traits, beliefs and most of all the patterns than I realised. Tracy’s facilitation has allowed me to make necessary changes to assist me in my personal growth journey. I would recommend this to anyone who is willing to explore both the ancestors and the future self. Thank you, Jenny.

Souluminous Natural Therapies is a Pioneer Training Provider with International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT) for Reiki 2nd degree and Master/Teacher

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