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Exploring Aspects of Gratitude

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The Exploring Aspects of Gratitude program offers an exploration of gratitude through various aspects: • Heart coherence - Cultivating heartfelt gratitude • Mindfulness - Practicing mindful gratitude • Intuition - Developing intuitive gratitude • Affirmations - Affirming for gratitude • Self-devotion - Devoted to gratitude • Grounding - Grounded gratitude • Holding space - Creating space for gratitude • Radical Acceptance - Accepting gratitude • Inner Deep Listening - Listening for gratitude • Forgiveness and gratitude - Grateful forgiveness • Embodiment - Embodying gratitude The program includes gratitude activities for each aspect, as well as downloadable booklets such as a Gratitude workbook, Gratitude Aspects Journal, and Gratitude Activities booklet. Additionally, there are guided meditations for gratitude and loving-kindness (metta) available to explore. The program provides a comprehensive approach to cultivating gratitude and offers resources to support your gratitude practice. You can access the course content online using either your PC or laptop. Simply log in through the Souluminous Natural Therapies website or use the Wix My Spaces app on your phone. The app is free to download.

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