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Intuitive Meditation Exploration

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An 8-week Guided Self-Study Intuitive Meditation Course This course has been designed for anyone who wants to spend time exploring & being introduced to aspects of meditation and what it can achieve for them. This Guided Self-study course utilises these techniques to make positive self-empowered changes in your life. 8 MODULES - 1 per week MODULE 1 - Aspects of Meditation MODULE 2 - Heart Coherence MODULE 3 - Breathwork MODULE 4 - Intuitive Exploration MODULE 5 - Self Care MODULE 6 - Play with your Chakras MODULE 7- Mantras & Mudras & Affirmations MODULE 8 - Embodiment In this course, you will explore: • Various Meditation techniques • Mindfulness • Connect with your coherent heart • Exploring your breath • Creating a sacred space just for yourself • Self-care - self-devotion, grounding • Learn ways to listen and trust in your own intuitive knowing • Calm & connected - body, mind and soul • Playing with your chakras • Sacred mantras and mudras • Embody all aspects of self These weekly modules are created for you to explore and extend deeper into yourself, as with each module, you will have the opportunity to practice your new skills within your own space & time. Each week-The module contains: Information for you to explore in the portal & download. Voice Meditations for your own devotional practice. Talking Presentation of each module with meditations. Affirmations tailored for each module Extra Exploration Exercises

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