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Reiki 2nd Degree (Okuden) Practitioner Level


Welcome to Okuden - The 2nd Degree of Reiki! Okuden represents the Practitioner level, often referred to as the 'Inner Teachings' of Reiki. At this stage, you'll be building upon the solid foundation you established during your 1st Degree training, and you'll continue your journey of inner spiritual development. During this course, you'll be introduced to two additional powerful Reiki symbols that will further enhance your connection to the healing energy of Reiki. Moreover, you will gain the invaluable skill of sending distance Reiki to any location across the globe. Training : • Access to Reiki 2nd Degree Course Portal: Gain exclusive access to our comprehensive course content through the dedicated online portal. • Online pre-recorded Webinar for Reiki 2nd Degree: Immerse yourself in an enlightening online webinar dedicated to Reiki 2nd Degree teachings. • Reiki 2nd Degree Manual: Receive a detailed manual that grants you access to two new Reiki symbols, along with comprehensive guidance on how to channel distance healing energy. • 1:1 Personal Reiki Attunement & Practice Session: Experience an intensive 5-hour session that includes personalized attunement and hands-on practice. A unique opportunity to deepen your connection with Reiki. • Bonus: Free Attunement to Seichim Entry Level: Explore the fascinating realm of Seichim with a complimentary entry-level attunement. • Reiki 2nd Degree Certificate & Seichim Entry-Level Certificate • Opportunity to Attend Reiki Share

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