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Reiki Refresher Course

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Welcome to the Online Self-Paced Reiki Refresher Class The Reiki Refresher Course is tailored to meet the needs of individuals falling into the following categories: • Those with previous Reiki experience who are eager to reintegrate Reiki into their lives. • Individuals on a journey of self-reconnection through their Reiki practice. • Those who find themselves uncertain and lacking confidence in their ability to practice Reiki after receiving their attunement, with a lack of clarity regarding their acquired skills and how to progress. • Second-time students seeking a fresh perspective from a different teacher to advance their Reiki skills. The core objective of this course is to reignite your connection with the essence of Reiki, regardless of the reasons that led to a pause in your Reiki journey. It empowers you to explore deeper levels of understanding of both Reiki and yourself. This course is designed for practitioners who have previously been attuned to Reiki 1st & 2nd Degrees. Please note that no attunement process is offered in this course. This course can help you: • Reestablish your bond with the universal life force energy. • Restore lost equilibrium. • Bridge knowledge gaps. • Improve your understanding of Reiki. • Revive your Reiki practice. If you prefer an in-person refresher, please feel free to get in touch with Tracy directly to discuss your specific requirements and tailor your refresher experience accordingly.

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