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SOUL Mentoring Program Journey

  • 13Weeks


Welcome to Your Inner Self Discovery Journey with the SOUL Mentor program This three-month, immersive mentorship program has been created to guide you on a profound journey of self-discovery and reconnection with your true self - your inner essence, your SOUL SELF. Our mentorship is a transformative experience designed to awaken and illuminate the extraordinary facets of your being. Led by Tracy, each one-on-one session is centred around a specific theme, while remaining flexible to cater to your unique needs in the moment. This exploration allows you to witness these themes in action and how they interlace with your life. What's Included: • Six 1.5-hour SOUL SESSIONS with Tracy, organized fortnightly and available either in person or via Zoom. • As a heartfelt bonus, you'll receive an additional 1.5-hour Soul session as a parting gift, granting you a total of seven soul-enriching sessions. • Access to a comprehensive course portal, enriched with meditations and knowledge resources tailored to each of the six themes. • Equipped with exploration worksheets and checklists, you'll have the tools you need to delve deeper into your self-discovery journey. • A downloadable SOUL JOURNAL, designed to assist you in documenting your daily reflections and insights. • A downloadable SOUL WORKBOOK, brimming with exercises and explorations to nurture your inner growth. Themes: Embrace your soul self, Heart coherence, Mindfulness, Chakras, Intuition, Self-care and Embody your true self.

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