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Obsidian Collection

Black Obsidian, Mahogany Obsidian, Green Obsidian, Amber Obsidian, 

Blue Obsidian, Sky blue Obsidian, Strawberry Obsidian & Snowflake Obsidian


Black Obsidian



  • Natural volcanic glass.
  • Grounding and good for protection and changing habits.
  • Brings suppressed emotions to the surface


Mahogany Obsidian



  • Stimulates your physical.
  • Emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects.
  • Gives strength and vitality.
  • Eliminates blockages and release anger.


Green Obsidian



  • The lovely energy of this crystal helps to connect to the soul of Mother Earth-Gaia.
  •  Also used to bring harmony to groups and meetings.
  • Promotes love and intimacy


Amber Obsidian



  • This crystal has an energising and invigorating vibe.
  • It helps with improvement of self-esteem and motivation.
  • Protective against negativity and bullying-particularly helpful for children


Blue Obsidian



  • Connects and stimulates the throat chakra.
  • Allows one to be brave and more confident when speaking in public.
  • Helps to enhance communication skills.


Sky blue Obsidian



  • Also known as “Aqua Lemuria”.
  • Used to enhance clairvoyance.
  • Assists in the recall of ancient knowledge
  • Increases capacities for empathic healing.
  • Use in meditation to access the knowledge of ancient times



Strawberry Obsidian



  • A stone for protection and dispelling energy.
  • Provides protection from danger.
  • Helps to nourish the body and mind promoting good health.
  • Assists with memory.



Snowflake Obsidian



  • Helps clear subconscious blocks.
  • Changes negative thought patterns into positive ones.
  • A very protective stone.
  • It is intense and powerful and very nurturing.   

Obsidian Tumble Stones-Collection

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