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Reiki Crystal Sets

Each set contains the four Reiki Symbols-

  • Cho ku rei
  • Sei he ki
  • Hon sha ze sho nen
  • Dai ko mio



Red Jasper

approx size of stones 3cm x 3cm


  • A crystal of physical energy, vitality and protection.
  • The red empowers, uplifts and engulfs.
  • It cures Apathy.
  • It gets things done.




approx size of stones 3cm x 3cm

  • Revitalising, optimism, good for motivation.
  • Lights sensual fire, centring, calming and balancing.
  • Eases trauma, and increases mental and physical energy



Reiki Crystal sets-Large

$35.00 Regular Price
$31.50Sale Price
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