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Harmony in a Box - Reiki Gift Set


Encased in an elegant folded black box, this Reiki Gift Set is a thoughtful collection designed to enhance your Reiki practice or to be a delightful gift for someone special. The curated items within provide a harmonious blend to promote healing and positive energy.



  • Reiki Symbol Crystals -  Crystal sets adorned with powerful Reiki symbols on black Agate.
  • Mini Reiki Bear - A charming companion available with a purple, white, or pink ribbon.
  • Candle - Illuminate your Reiki space with a serene glow.
  • Selenite Pieces - Enhance your energy field with these cleansing and purifying crystals.
  • Rose Quartz Piece - Infuse love and compassion into your Reiki sessions.
  • Reiki Incense - Elevate the atmosphere with a scent designed to complement Reiki practices.



This Reiki Gift Box is a versatile and thoughtful choice, perfect for personal use or as a heartfelt gift for those passionate about the art of healing and balance.


Crystals with symbols are only a variety, so maybe different shaped

Reiki Gift Box

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