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Small REIKI Bear 

Infused with Reiki


Size:  (small ) It measures 24cm full height standing and 18cm sitting, making it the perfect huggable companion. Its soft and cuddly texture adds to its charm, making it an irresistibly cute addition to your collection! 🐻


Description: Reiki Bear is a Teddy bear designed to provide a healing and comforting experience. It is soft, and cuddly, and has been infused with Reiki energy, making it a source of love and healing when held close to the heart.💕



  • Cuddly Companion: Reiki Bear can be held and cuddled for a sense of comfort and well-being.
  • Distant Reiki: It can be used to send distant Reiki energy to others, making it a thoughtful gift for those in need of healing or emotional support.



Explore the diverse world of Reiki Bears, each one with its own unique charm:


  • "I ❤️ Reiki" T-Shirt: This bear wears a T-shirt proudly proclaiming "I ❤️ Reiki." (#2 )

  • "Reiki Bear" Glitter Green T-Shirt: Sparkling in glittery green, this bear's T-shirt reads "Reiki Bear." (#4)

  • "Reiki Bear" Glitter Blue T-Shirt: Shimmering in blue glitter, this bear proudly displays "Reiki Bear." (#5)

  • "Reiki" Golden T-Shirt: Adorned in golden hues, this bear's T-shirt simply says "Reiki." (#6)

  • "Reiki" Sparkly Purple T-Shirt: Dazzling in glittery purple, this bear features the word "Reiki." (#7 )

  • "Reiki Bear" Sparkly Purple T-Shirt: Dazzling in glittery purple, this bear features the word "Reiki Bear" (#8)


Bonus: Each Reiki Bear is accompanied by a Rose Quartz Reiki Heart, infusing the product with an extra layer of healing and love. Choose your Reiki Bear and embrace the power of love and healing in every hug! 🐻💖



Bonus: Each Reiki Bear comes with a Rose Quartz Reiki Heart, adding an extra element of healing and love to the product.


These Reiki Bears offer a unique way to bring the calming and healing energy of Reiki into your life or the lives of loved ones through a cute and huggable plush toy.


Small Reiki Bear Collection

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