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Ultimate Space clearing Box - Elegant Large Black Box


Designed for a thorough space cleanse, these items perfectly complement the Clearing Negative Energies: Space Clearing Course provided by Souluminous Natural Therapies. However, each component is versatile and can be used independently for clearing yourself, your surroundings, or energies


Expansive black box with Magnetic Flap (32x24x12cmH)



  • Himalayan Salt Jar for purifying energy
  • Large Space Clearing Spray for a refreshing cleanse (plus refill)
  • Spiritual Healing Incense
  • Delicate Feather to symbolize air
  • Crystal (Rose Quartz or Amethyst) for positive energy
  • Abalone Shell OR Smudge Bowl for sacred rituals
  • Palo Santo for spiritual purification
  • Large White Sage Smudge Stick (23cm) for cleansing
  • Sweetgrass for cleansing
  • Metal round Incense Holder
  • Box of Matches for igniting positive vibes
  • Bell or Shaker for sound cleansing
  • Candle for creating a serene ambience
  • Small Mixed Crystal Box for adding positive vibes
  • Glass Jar of Sand for grounding energy
  • Small straw broom to clear energy away



Ultimate Space Clearing Gift Box (X-Large)

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