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Unveiling Sacred Energies - The Ultimate Reiki Gift Box


Presented in an elegant white box secured with a magnetic catch and adorned with a Reiki ribbon, the Ultra Reiki Gift Box is a meticulously curated collection designed to elevate your Reiki journey. Each item within this comprehensive ensemble is thoughtfully selected to amplify positive energies and deepen your connection to the healing art of Reiki, all infused with the essence of Reiki itself.



  • Reiki Symbol Crystals: Crystals adorned with potent Reiki symbols on protective black agate.

  • Reiki Pyramid: Channel harmonious energy with this sacred geometric form featuring Reiki symbols on each side.

  • Reiki Pendulum: Access intuitive insights and balance energy with this Green Aventurine Reiki Pendulum divination tool adorned with Reiki symbols.

  • Reiki Symbol Key Ring: Carry the essence of Reiki symbols wherever you go with this Reiki word symbol on agate.

  • Reiki Symbol Obelisk: Infuse your space with focused and amplified Reiki energy using this obelisk with Reiki symbols on each side.(either

  • Reiki Incense: Elevate the atmosphere with a carefully crafted scent to enhance Reiki practices.

  • Candle: Illuminate your sacred space with a serene glow.

  • Mini Reiki Bear: A delightful companion radiating Reiki energy, available with a purple, pink, or white ribbon and heart clasp.

  • Selenite: Purify and cleanse your energy field with this luminous crystal.

  • Reiki Hands Incense Holder: A practical and symbolic holder for your Reiki incense.


The Ultra Reiki Gift Box is a lavish offering, ideal for seasoned practitioners or as an extraordinary gift for those seeking a profound connection with the transformative power of Reiki.



ULTRA Reiki Gift Box

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